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+36 72 738 473
+36 30 914 7501
+36 30 469 3828

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+36 30 469 3828



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H - Cs:    08:00 - 18:00
P:            08:00 - 14:00
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H - Cs:    08:00 - 18:00
P:            08:00 - 14:00
Sz - V:     Zárva

Sürgősségi kiszállást Pécs területén 18:00 óra után, hétvégén, munka-szüneti vagy ünnepnapokon, telefonos egyeztetés után, emelt kiszállási és óradíj ellenében tudunk csak vállalni. Pontos  részletek a "Szerviz munkadíjak" menüpontban megtalálhatóak.


Central PC Service Bt.
Adószám: 25504934-1-02
Cégjegyzékszám: 02-06-074448

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Repairing desktop PCs and laptops in your home!






Central PC Repair and Service's crew was founded in the spring of 2013 with the aim to merge our many years of experience (which we gained from places including Pécs TV and Radio) and expertise in solving the tasks so we can be well-functioning, dynamic, stable and reliable partners for our clients. Over the years we did everything we could to meet this goal. We think our key features are youthful impulse, the quick respond to new things, open mindedness, and reliability. Our business' goal was to become a small but high-capacity information technology company that helps its clients with efficient and reliable solutions. In the spirit of these things our company's main characteristic is friendliness and efficiency. We find it important that in the occasions of repairs made in our service, your home, or office all your IT problems or questions are solved or answered. 

Services we offer:

  • System analysis
  • Guidance for hardwares and softwares
  • Installation and maintenance of Windows operating systems
  • New and second hand hardware acquisition and installation with warranty
  • Virus and Malware treatment with restoration of the damages
  • Wi-Fi network planning, building, and setting
  • Computer testing and software reparation
  • Fixing software issues by remote access


Our goal is to satisfy our clients completely with fast and effective services.


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The crew of Central PC Repair Service has years of experience in IT services, and we also have an extensive experience in satisfying busineses’ and individuals’ computer related needs. We aim at doing the work right then and there in your home or office, no additional appointments required, if possible.





Why would you bother trasporting your computer and accessories to the repair shop if we can come to your place to fix your computer? Are you sick and tired of viruses and malwares or other computer problems? You can count on the skills and dependability of our crew. We offer immediate and professional solutions.


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If you want to

improve your computer's performance,

get rid of the annoying ads,

build a wireless network at your place

New and second hand hardware acquisition and installation with warranty

or just learn how to use your PC more efficiently,


We are here to help!


For fixing more complex software or hardware errors (when we need a longer time for our service) we bring your compurer to our shop. We will start the repairing after consulting with you on the phone, so you know exactly how much you will pay for our services. In this case you still only have to pay the transporting fee once!



10 reasons to choose us:

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  • Constant availability; assistance on phone and on-site
  • Non-stop support through remote access
  • Fixed, calculable fees, no hidden charges
  • Flexible, reliable, professional IT background
  • The fastest possible computer fixing method
  • Very comfortable: you don’t have to bother with the transportation, disassembling, and packing up of the computer
  • Some specific issues can’t be fixed at the service – fixing those problems are only possible at the actual site (e.g. network problmes, internet connecting troubles, router settings, printing issues, etc.)
  • You can check up on the result of the repair so there is no chance for mistakes or the problem not being solved
  • You can monitor our work – you can make sure that you only pay for what you need
  • During the repairing process you can ask any computer related questions so you can widen your knowledge


The Central PC Service LP provides the whole portfolio of maintenance and support services.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you!


+36 30 469 3828


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